Three Reasons You Should Bring Your Mechanic To The Salvage Yard

A good relationship with a particular mechanic can get you through a lot of tight spots. Your mechanic is the person that you will go to as soon as your car stops behaving. They may also help notify you of issues during maintenance and they may stay late or work in a flexible manner with your off time in order to make sure that you can bring your car in at a time convenient for you. If you have a good relationship with your usual mechanic, they are also the person that you should bring with you to the salvage yard. Here are three reasons why you need to bring your mechanic when you go to auto salvage yards. 

Knowledgeable about which vehicles match which parts

When you go to a salvage yard alone, it can be easy to just look for a car make and model that matches your own in order to get a part. Your mechanic may have an idea of which other cars have parts that will match your own. If you follow your mechanic's lead, you may find cheaper used auto parts and not have to go to more than one salvage yard to look for it.

Hidden parts issues are easily discovered

Finding a part at salvage yards is just half of the battle. If you are in need of a part, you may pull out the first matching part that looks good. This, however, can be a mistake. Parts can have issues that you may not be able to sport, but a mechanic would be able to tell. Mechanics can often tell how used or worn a part is and how much life may be left in the particular auto part. If you want to know you are getting a good deal on a part that will actually run with your car for many years, bring along your mechanic to be the judge.  

Perfect tools for removal of parts

At a salvage yard (such as Teddy Bears Auto Parts & Salvage Inc), you will have to do things on your own. This means that  you will have to pull out the parts on your own. You will also have to make sure you have the right space inside of your own vehicle to store the part to take back to the shop for your mechanic. With your mechanic, they can pull the parts out with the proper tools that will not damage any of the part that you need. If you are in need of a mirror or a part has pieces of plastic or glass, this can be crucial to getting the part you need, safely.

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