3 Of The Most Important Things To Consider When Buying A Muffler

An aftermarket muffler can be one of the most important accessories that you purchase for your car. They reduce the amount of noise that your engine produces, while simultaneously increasing engine efficiency. And while there are universal mufflers available at every auto parts store, if you really want the perfect muffler for your vehicle, you'll have to do a little more research. So take a look below at three things you'll want to consider when you begin looking at mufflers for your car.


The difference between stainless steel and aluminized mild steel might seem minor at first glance, but the difference between the two materials is actually quite notable. The former is more expensive, but can last up to a decade, while the latter is more likely to suffer from corrosion - especially in wetter climates - and thus last just a few years. Both are superior to chrome, which has a tendency to flake and chip over the years.


Another vital aspect to consider when purchasing a muffler is size. There are three measurements in particular that you'll need to keep in mind: inlet size, outlet size and length. The inlet size of the muffler should match the diameter of your tailpipe exactly. If the two are even a quarter inch off, you'll have a muffler that won't fit properly. The outlet size is also crucial. It can be large enough to be stylish, but it should be also small enough that it has no problem clearing the cut-out on your vehicle. Finally, you'll want a muffler that is long enough to vent the exhaust while at the same time not being obnoxiously long -- something that is flush with the rear bumper of your vehicle is usually a smart choice.


The way in which you install your muffler is also a huge deal. The most popular type of muffler is the clamp-on. These are installed exactly how one would imagine -- simply slide them on to your tailpipe and tighten the clamp. Clamp-ons remain so popular because of the ease of installation, but this is cause for some drawbacks as well -- namely, the ease with which the tip can be removed (whether accidentally because of vibrations or purposefully by a thief). If you know how to weld, a weld-on tip is far preferable. It's a little harder to install, but is more durable and more secure. Contact a company like Quality Discount Mufflers for more information.

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