Does Your Truck Need A New Drive Shaft? Learn The Signs

You may take great care of your truck, but the truth is that some parts can break over time as they experience wear and tear. One of these parts is the drive shaft. Instead of waiting for the drive shaft to completely fail, know the signs so you are able to identify the problem prematurely. It will help you get your truck serviced right away instead of being stranded on the side of the road.

Why Your Drive Shaft Can Break

Your truck's drive shaft helps your truck shift from idling to driving without any issues. Unfortunately, the weight you are towing with a truck can cause problems with the drive shaft's performance. Since a drive shaft will slowly deteriorate, it will be hard to identify a malfunctioning drive shaft as opposed to other parts in your truck that are easy to diagnose.

The best thing you can do to prevent damage is watch how much weight you are towing. Read your truck's manual, and make sure you are towing less than the maximum amount of weight.

Feelings and Sounds

If you are tuned in to all the sounds your truck is making and the feeling as you drive on the road, it can identify a problem early. A common problem with a failing drive shaft is that the truck will make a squealing sound when you start driving. It will eventually get louder as your truck accelerates. A vibration can also occur when you start driving, with the intensity of the vibration increasing as your drive shaft deteriorates more.

When you're experiencing either of these problems, or both at the same time, have your truck looked at by a mechanic immediately.

Difficulties Steering

Another sign is the way that your truck handles when on the road. If there is resistance or hesitation when turning in any direction, you could have a problem on your hands. Even slight hesitation is a reason to be concerned, since you need your truck to respond immediately for your safety. This happens because of how the universal joints in a truck move when turning. When your drive shaft is failing, the truck will feel stiff or as if it's holding back instead of being lubricated and loose.

Be prepared for the reality that you may need to get a brand new driveshaft for your car. If this happens, work with a local automotive parts store to identify what specific replacement part you need so that you can purchase a new one. 

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