The Salvage Yard Should Be The First Stop For Your Auto Part Needs

When you take your vehicle into the shop to be repaired, parts are going to be needed to fix things. While you can just leave everything up to the mechanics, it is also possible for you to find the parts yourself and take them to the shop. If you or someone you know will be doing the repairs, you are going to need to buy the parts. In either scenario, it is a good idea to head to the salvage yard for the parts before going elsewhere.


Used parts will always be less expensive than new ones. When you go to a salvage yard, not only are you getting used parts, but you can save even more money by removing the needed parts yourself. Of course, if you are not mechanically inclined, the attendant at the yard will be more than happy to remove the part for you, at an extra charge. In addition to the major parts, you can also purchase the small pieces needed to install the part, such as screws, hoses, and gaskets. While these small items seem insignificant, they can add to up quite a sum of money, especially when buying them new. The more you can find at the salvage yard the more money you will save.


If you go to a used auto part store, you get the part they give you. When you search through a salvage yard, you can take your time and look over all the different options. Take your time and find the parts that show the least wear and tear on them. Just because a car was in an accident and was totaled due to frame damage does not mean there is anything wrong with the mechanical parts. The reverse is also true; a car that does not run anymore may look great or at least have intact body parts you can use to replace yours.

Vehicle Value

Sometimes a small part or piece of the car gets lost or broken and you just ignore it. This can include things like knobs for the heater or radio, trim, or even seat covers. While you are browsing for your needed parts, look for these things too. You can often buy them for a very low price, and yet they will make the value of your car go up. If you do decide to sell in is a year or so, having all the little insignificant pieces will get you more money.

If you take the car to an auto shop, make sure to ask if you can bring in your own parts. Some places are not keen on this idea as they charge a markup on the price of the parts they have to order. You may find it would be to your benefit to find a place that allows you to bring in the parts or find a friend that can do the work for you. Either way, head to the salvage yard like City Auto Wreckers to keep expenses down.

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