How An Electric Impact Gun Can Improve Your Workflow

When you are working with large fasteners that require high torque specifications, an impact gun is often the best way to get the fasteners loose. Often tools like a 1-inch electric impact gun offer some benefits that you might need and can help you get the work done more efficiently.

Portable And Flexible

When you are working in a shop, you may have the ability to use pneumatic tools, but if you are away from a power source, a 1-inch electric impact gun that uses a rechargeable battery can make the tool extremely flexible. Charging the battery and then taking it to the job with you will allow you to use it without any restrictions.

Often buying several batteries to fit your impact gun can be a good idea and will allow you to use the tool for longer without worry about finding a power source for it. When you buy the tool, it may come with a battery already, but it is often a good idea to ask about an additional battery while you are at the store so you are prepared.

Power And Torque

An impact gun uses an extremely large amount of torque applied through a device called a hammer inside the tool, to break fasteners free and loosen them. This action is extremely effective for fasteners that are extremely tight or are rusted in place. 

The torque is applied rapidly on and off to create many small impacts on the fastener. A 1-inch electric impact gun needs to be able to develop enough power to produce the impacts against the fasteners to be effective. Often an impact gun in this size range will need a large amount of torque constantly.

If the tool loses power as the battery drains, you may not be able to remove a fastener that you could with a full battery. It is important to find an impact gun that develops the same amount of power no matter the state of the battery. Check with the dealer or tool supplier to determine which 1-inch electric impact gun will be best suited to your needs and maintain the power level you need during your workday. 

Long Term Durability

When you use tools all day, they can wear over time. Buying a 1-inch electric impact gun is a significant purchase, so it is critical that you check the ratings for the brands that are available in your area. Not every brand is going to work for your situation, so taking the time to talk with your tool supplier about your needs can be important. 

Buying the best impact gun you can afford is often the best way to ensure you get one that will last over time. It is also a good idea to check the reviews for the tools online and see what others are saying about the impact gun you are considering for your daily needs. 

Reach out to a local impact gun supplier to learn more about products like 1-inch electric impact guns.

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