Upgrading The Factory Brakes On Your Vehicle For Better Stopping And Handling

Upgrading your older vehicle to modern disc brakes can significantly impact how your vehicle handles on the road. A modern front disc brake system can balance the brake system more evenly and stop the vehicle much more quickly than drum brakes or older disc brake systems.

Brake Conversion Kits

Converting an older brake system to disc brakes often requires changing many parts, and it is not easy to find the pieces individually in many cases. A front disc brake conversion kit with all the parts you need can make the conversion significantly easier and ensure that all the parts you are using will work properly together. 

Many of these conversion kits are made up of custom-engineered parts designed specifically for the vehicle that they are going on, so you can bolt them in place, and the entire conversion can be completed in a weekend by some home mechanics. Having all the parts needed and a complete instruction guide on hand during the conversion will streamline the process and help ensure there are no last-minute trips to the auto parts store for something you forgot before starting the job.

When Brake Conversions Are Helpful

Installing a front disc brake conversion kit on an older car that came from the factory with drums brakes can be a considerable improvement for the vehicle. These cars are heavy, and having reliable braking when driving in traffic can make the vehicle safer and much more fun to drive. 

Older pickup trucks also came with front drum brakes and can benefit from a front disc brake conversion, especially if they are four-wheel-drive and spend time off road in muddy conditions. Disc brake systems are often called self-cleaning because there are no areas for mud and other debris to get in and damage the brakes. 

On older 4x4s, the mud and small pebbles could get into the drum brakes and cause the brakes to drag and, worse, keep them from working when the brakes were applied. Some of the most popular older 4x4 trucks may have front disc brake conversion kits available that make the truck more reliable off road and on. 

Any car that is going to be converted to drag racing or track racing can benefit from a complete brake upgrade. However, some of these cars already have disc brakes, so a complete front disc brake conversion kit is not needed. Still, there are smaller kits from the same manufacturers that offer larger rotors with more vents for better cooling, larger calipers for better grip, and high-quality brake pads that are more heat resistant than standard pads so they reduce brake fade when using the brakes a lot.  

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